The Lost EP

by To Give You The Stars

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The second chapter in the 'To Give You The Stars' audio saga. 26 minutes of heart-pounding, chill-inducing, heavy-hitting epics will redefine 'To Give You The Stars' and what it will be in the future. Return to Mother Earth on a grand and introspective journey to find romance, tragedy and SPACE BATTLES. Witness the making of a reluctant hero and an ill-conceived quest for revenge that threatens to taint his cause beyond reconciliation. Can he become the symbol of hope that his world so desperately needs? Can you survive the ear-crushing ride as you careen toward Earth's ultimate conflict? Stand on the edge, where space opera meets progressive rock, and peer bravely into the wild blackness beyond. From here, the only way out is West.


released October 24, 2014

All music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Abe Kilpin.

Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC.
Cover art by Kevin Lafin.
All other art by Abe Kilpin.
Sound FX provided by,



all rights reserved


To Give You The Stars North Carolina

The Lost EP is here!

TGYTS is a sprawling science fiction concept built on tragedy, romance and spectacle. It is written by Abe Kilpin who hopes to bring the story to life through multiple platforms.

So far, it has been told exclusively through music on the debut album '2492' and follow-up EP 'The Lost'. Abe is currently working on a novelization with the ultimate goal being a film version.
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Track Name: The Lost Horseman I
"You can give them hope... even if-"
Track Name: The Making of a Hero
Verse 1

Now, you say 'they need me'.
Maybe, but I need you.


You're made of only love
For this, your only son
But, he don't know
He don't know what he's made of.

(Chorus 2)

Your kiss taught right from wrong.
Keep still it won't be long.
And you won't know
Won't know what he's afraid of.

Verse 2

This hallway, lost between
A home, a garbage chute.
I'll never be home.


And your eyes turn cold on me.
Am I letting go? Are you falling away?
And I know now not all smoke that billows
Is meant to suffocate.
Track Name: The Grim-Gavel

My court's in session
I'm judge and jury.
I'll teach a lesson
Of fear and fury.

Verse 1

I'm just a messenger
I tell a tale to broken men.
And of my listeners
Well I'm the one whose breaking them.


A willing world can be achieved
As hope and strength unravel.
A predetermined history
Is written by The Gavel.

Verse 2

Is it in justice, boy
Or just in violence that we fly?
We hide in graying skies
Nesting in silence and in cries.

I'm just a messenger
I tell a tale to broken men.
And of my passengers
Well, I'm the one whose breaking them.


I can't touch, I can't touch you.
I can't touch you but I can...
I can touch, I can touch him.
I can hurt him for your sin.
Track Name: The Fifth Horseman
Verse 1

I've blood on my hands.
This strangled machine.
Won't you take the leap captain (and you'll see)
You'll see what I mean.

I don't want to kill you.
Though it might be best.
Just leave me to live on
On this world or the next.


Fifth Horseman it's your time to
It's your time to go!
His coordinates will leave you
With no way to know
Where you are going!
Where you are going!
Where you will end up,
Or how this will end.

Verse 2

The future is shifting.
The moon isn't far.
The countdown has ended
In blaring alarms.


Computer don't give me away!
Your usefulness is nearly spent.
Computer believe when I say,
I don't give a shit where they are sent or if they stay!
Track Name: The Lost Horseman II

My hopes are set too high.
Lost In a boy's delusion.
Can I truly tame a titan?
Under rotors screaming deliver us a hero.
The blood on my brow is not my own.
And I didn't put it there.

My feet won't fail.
The East is behind all of us now
Lending wind to my sail.


Go West and you'll find it's
Not too great a cost.
This quest and its pilot
Know this Horseman could be lost.


Don't be a hero.
My lips drip hypocrisy.
Silence on the radio.
Have I lost your frequency?

Ender 2

Dak fly with me! Tell me we'll make it.
Dak fly with me! I'm closing the doors on you.
Ten thousand lives and a failure to save him.
Dak fly with me! I'm closing the doors on your world!

Dak lie to me! Tell me you'll make it!
Dak lie to me! I'm closing the doors on your world.